As we move into May, there is so much news to tell you that this newsletter is bursting at the seams!

We are focusing on obesity in pets this month, which is becoming a real problem for pets and their owners. If you have an older pet who is carrying a bit of excess weight, they might be huffing and puffing a bit as you make your rounds. This is an ideal time to get them out walking to encourage a bit of weight loss. We’re not talking about doing a marathon, but a gentle on the joints walk to keep them fit will surely help.

Excess weight brings with it a whole host of medical conditions, so let us get proactive and slim down those pudgy pets. Senior dogs and cats also feel the cooler weather; it has a habit of getting into the joints of our furry companions, and those older bones take a little more warming up before they can get into the rhythm of the exercise. And yes, cats need exercise as well!

Arthritis affects not only humans, but it affects cats and dogs as well. But with incredible innovations in pet care, there are ways to make those aches and pains go away, with effective supplements, a change in diet, and some subtle exercise. Come in and see us at HIGHlands. We can advise you how to trim that weight off your Labrador (don’t they just love their food?) and get that chubby pet down to a more manageable weight that is better for their size and their age and most of all – their health.

Also in this months newsletter, we talk about;

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  • Wildlife Food Issues

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