Veterinary Services

At HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our compassionate, skillful staff is here to help when you need us most.

Our Services

HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital offers a full range of services, including:






General Surgery


Advanced Soft-tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery




Digital Radiology


Nail Clipping


Health Checks




FREE Oral / Dental Examinations

Our state-of-the art laboratory enables us to perform the most comprehensive range of blood tests available in-house as well as parasitology and microbiology so that no disease goes undetected.

We provide an in-house service for ultrasonography and orthopaedic surgery or if you prefer, your pet can be referred to experts in their field. This offers you the reassurance that your loved ones are under the care of a veterinarian they know and trust whilst avoiding the stress of transporting their fur-children up to Sydney for specialist care.

HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital also stocks a complete range of preventative health products for fleas, ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms as well as the highest quality canine and feline food. Our nursing staff are fully trained to provide professional advice regarding nutrition and preventative health care for pets of all ages.

HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital offers clients exclusive membership to Senior Pet Wellness Plans. For a monthly fee, members enjoy annual vaccination, annual in-house blood testing, annual heart-worm testing, annual faecal analysis, urinalysis and as well as many other health ‘necessities’. This gives huge peace of mind to the owner of every senior pet. This is the perfect way to budget for your pet’s annual health requirements and eliminates many of the barriers for pet owners needing peace of mind that their loved one is OK. This often results in earlier detection of disease and earlier intervention which usually means a better prognosis and outcome for our patients!

Thinking about trying a New Vet? You’ve come to the end of your search.

It can be hard to find a GREAT VET, one you can trust who has the latest knowledge and is warm and friendly with your pet. You want to feel confident that if you have to leave your loved one in their care, they’re in a nurturing and safe environment.

We get it!

HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital promises to deliver the following when you walk through our doors:

  • A warm, helpful and friendly reception
  • Genuine concern and gentle, loving care for your pet
  • A conscientious approach to resolving health problems
  • A thorough physical examination
  • Expert knowledge of the latest diagnostics and treatments
  • Explanation of medical issues in a way that’s easy to understand
  • A genuine desire to HELP YOU

No more clicks required. Call us and find out for yourself.

Choosing a Great Vet
Finding a good Veterinary practice for your pet can be a daunting task. How can you judge their standard of patient care? How can you judge their knowledge and expertise? Will they treat your pet with warmth and tenderness or have they become desensitised to the stress that many pets experience when visiting the vet? Will they take the time to explain things clearly and in a way anyone can understand? Learn more about some useful tips to help you make the right choice for you and your loved one here.
New Pet Owners

Do you have a new puppy or kitten and are looking for a great Vet? Here’s ALL you need to know. Have one consultation with Dr Diederik at HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital and you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge required to provide the BEST POSSIBLE care for your new puppy or kitten. Learn more here.

Value for Service

Shopping around for veterinary services can be a worthwhile exercise. However, there are some important considerations when deciding on the right practice for you. Learn more here.

Senior Pet Wellness Plans
When your pet reaches the ‘golden years’ of life, it’s time to celebrate!
Just as our bodies complain a little more as we grow older, the same is typically true for our pets. And just like us, diagnosing and treating geriatric conditions early offers the best chance for successful outcomes.

That’s why we believe in screening for geriatric diseases as our pets age because the reasons to do so are compelling. Learn more here.


Vaccinations are important in helping protect your pets from many common diseases. They do this by inducing an immune response by the body to a safe version of the injected virus administered through vaccines. Learn more here.