Interesting Surgeries

View some of HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital surgical procedures!

Ebony - Canine Open Pyometra
**Warning – Graphic Content**

This is Ebony who came in to see us and presented with an open Pyometra (basically where the uterus turns to puss)

Pyometra will affect roughly 1 in 4 non-spayed females before the age of 10 years but can occur in dogs older than this

Watch the video to learn more about this and watch the surgery.

Willow - Total Ear Ablation
**Warning – Graphic Content**

This is Willow, a beautiful 4-year-old Pug
Willow has been suffering from ear problems, ear infections & reactions for quite some time now and as a result, her ear canal has closed up quite considerably.

Watch this surgery video where Dr. Gelderman performs whats known as total ear oblation (removal of the ear canal)

Coby – Ulnar Osteotomy

**Warning – Graphic Content**

Meet Coby who came in to see us recently with a lame front leg. After viewing his x-rays it was discovered this his bones are growing unevenly.

Watch as Dr. Gelderman performs what’s called an Ulnar Osteotomy surgery.

Tess – Leg Fracture

**Warning – Graphic Content**

14-year-old Tess came in to see us with a fractured bone in her leg after playing around in the paddocks with the horses.


Watch this orthopedic surgery where Diederik repairs and her leg and inserts a plate.

Holly - Cat Abscess

**Warning – Graphic Content**

12-year-old Holly was brought in to see us by the Golden Oldies Animal Rescue group.

Otherwise healthy, it was noticed that she had problems with both back legs. Upon a full check-up, we discovered that she has what is called luxating patellas.

This is when is a kneecap moves out of its normal location.

Owners may notice a skip in their dog’s step or see their dog run on three legs. Then suddenly, they will be back on all four legs as if nothing happened.

Watch the video and see how Diederik repairs Holly’s knee.

Bonnie – Toe Amputation

Bonnie, who is 10-years-old, came in to see us with a sore toe.
Upon further investigation, it was discovered that she had melanoma in her toe and it required amputating. Watch the video to learn more…

Princess – Eye Removal

**Warning – Graphic Content!**

This is Princess, the beautiful 30-year-old horse who suffers from an allergic condition called ‘moon blindness.’ She has lost sight in one eye, which is causing a lot of pain, so the best and safest option for her is to have her eye removed.

Watch the video as we take you through the entire surgery.

Yogi - TPLO

**Warning – Graphic Content**

This lovely 3-year-old Boxer named Yogi came in to see us with a very lame back leg.
It turns out he had torn his ACL and needed a TPLO operation.
This is a 2-hour operation, and we have recorded it and condensed it down for you to watch.

Nix the Bengal

Meet Nix, the Bengal cat who came in to see us with a small lump in his tail… Wait till you see what we found!

Exploratory Laparotomy

**Warning – Graphic Content **

Princess is an 8-year-old Rag Doll who came in to see us because her owner noticed that she was straining to urinate.

After performing a comprehensive examination (which we do on all consults), a large mass the size of an orange was discovered.

An exploratory laparotomy was performed – watch the video to see what happens next.

Mindy - Eye Removal

Meet the beautiful Mindy, who had to have both eyes removed. Watch the video to learn her story and find out why.

Fredrick - Bloat

**Warning – Graphic Content**

Fredrick, the Great Dane, was in for preventative surgery to prevent Bloat (GDV).

Dogs with a deep, narrow chest — very tall, rather than wide — suffer the most often from bloat. Watch the video to learn more about bloat and watch the surgery.

Charlie - Leg Deformity

Meet Charlie, who is only 9-months-old and has a growth deformity with his leg.
Watch the video and learn his story, check out the X-rays, and watch the operation!

Buddy - Epulis Growth

How often do you check your dog’s mouth?

Buddy came in to see us for a number of things, and routine inspection discovered an epulis growth in his mouth.

Bert - Perineal Hernia

This is Bert. Poor Bert came in to see us with a perineal hernia… Watch the video to learn his story and watch the operation.

Orlando - Eye Tumour

This is Orlando, who has a common eye problem called Meibomian tumour. Watch the video to learn more.

Gypsy - Skin Cancer

Gypsy came to us as a rescue from the Golden Oldies Animal Rescue at only 3-years-old.

Gypsy has skin cancer, which is brought on by UV light (yes, dogs can get sun skin cancer too!) 🙁

We were able to remove the cancer, and after some recovery time, Gypsy will be ready to be re-homed… Watch her journey with us at HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital!

Koda - Leg Plate

Meet the beautiful Koda! A few years ago, Koda was in a nasty accident that required a plate to be placed in her leg. This plate has worn over time, and now that Koda’s leg is fully healed, this plate can now be removed.

Toby - Carpal Fusion

Meet the adorable Toby from Golden Oldies Animal Rescue, who was brought to us with carpal hyperextension syndrome. The operation to fix took us quite a few hours, but the results are worth it.

Follow us with this Part 1 video and see Toby’s journey.

Buster - Mass Cell Tumor

This is Buster the Staffy cross who presented to us with lumps in his groin area. After doing a needle biopsy he was diagnosed with what’s called a mast cell tumor.

This surgery will show you how we removed these tumors which unfortunately required amputation/reconstruction of the penis. Buster will shortly be back to his happy self in no time!

Molly - Jaw Cancer

Meet Molly, who was presented to us with jaw cancer. After a partial jaw amputation, she is now living (and eating!) happily and normally.

Arnie - Gravel Removal

This is Arnie, the 11-year-old old Dalmation who came to see us with gravel in his urethra. This video will amaze you at what we found when we operated! Happy to report that Arnie is doing well.