Thank you for recommending us!

New client referrals are the biggest compliment that we can receive from an existing client. To show our appreciation for this compliment, we have set up the following rewards program for those clients that refer new clients to HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital.

Heroes Referral Program

As you know, at HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital, just like you, we’re all animal lovers! We just can’t get enough time with our furry friends and love to welcome new like-minded clients.

It is our goal to build personal relationships with every pet and every pet owner and show you how to keep your dog or cat happy and healthy for life.

Having a focus on genuine care means many of our new dog and cat-owning clients come to HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital via word of mouth. Referrals like this are NOT taken for granted. We thank you most sincerely for every friend, colleague, family member, and acquaintance who you’ve sent our way, and please ensure that you tell them exactly WHO suggested that they come to us. This way, we’ll know who to send a ‘thank you’ to!

And now, to thank YOU (as well as our other VIP&P clients) for introducing your friends, (those who also take a similar level of interest in their pets’ wellbeing) to us, we’d like to reward you in an even more ‘concrete’ way!

Here’s how it works:

  • As a thank you for trusting us to look after your friends, we’d like to give you a $200 gift card for every client who joins the HIGHlands Family. You can redeem this card in-house, anytime you choose on any professional service.
  • And as an EXTRA-special ‘Thank You’ when you refer more than four people our way, then we have an extra SPECIAL gift for you!
  • Devoted, like-minded, pet-loving new clients mean the world to us and we LOVE it when they come to us through existing VIP&P (Very Important Pet & Person) clients like you.
  • Therefore we are ultra-grateful for your kind help in spreading the good word about HIGHlands Vets and we’d be most honoured if you joined our ‘Heroes Program’.
  • When you send a friend, colleague or acquaintance to us at HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital, please ensure that you ask them to tell us that it was YOU who referred them. That way we’ll know who to thank!