Dog-Friendly Places in Southern Highlands

Take your dog wherever you go!

Check out these dog-friendly places in Southern Highlands!

If you are a pet-friendly business in the Southern Highlands who would like to be included in this brochure, please phone or email us at HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital.

Local Boarding Kennels

Kelston Country Kennels
02 4878 5066
99 Handleys La
High Range NSW 2575

Berrima Boarding Kennels & Cattery
02 4877 1344
100 Nathan St
Berrima NSW 2577

Hiking & Walking Trails

Box Vale Walking Track
31 Boxvale Rd
Woodlands NSW 2575

Berrima Riverside Walk
65 Sutton St
Berrima NSW 2577

Mt. Gibraltar Reserve
Oxley Dr
Mittagong NSW 2575

Cherry Tree Walk
17 Oxley Dr
Bowral NSW 2576

Bong Bong Track
Bong Bong St
Bowral NSW 2576

Dog Off-Leash Areas

Edward Street Off Leash Area
Edward St
Mittagong NSW 2575

Centennial Park
7 Centennial Rd
Bowral NSW 2576

Seymour Park
Spencer St
Moss Vale NSW 2577

Dog-Friendly Cafes & Restaurants


The Shaggy Cow
112 Main St
Mittagong NSW 2575
02 4872 2966

Station Coffee House
12 Bowral Rd
Mittagong NSW 2575
02 4871 1171

Glass Café
84 Main St
Mittagong NSW 2575
02 4872 2640

Artemis Wines
46 Sir Charles Moses Ln
Mittagong NSW 2575
0401 199 075


Palate Pleasure Café
Shop 1/3, 350 Bong Bong St
Bowral NSW 2576
02 4861 7411

RAW & WILD Market and Café
250 Bong Bong St
Bowral NSW 2576
02 4851 5155

Janeks Café
Corbett Plaza, Shop 4/14 Wingecarribee St
Bowral NSW 2576
02 4861 4414

The Hospital Shop
4 Mona Rd
Bowral NSW 2576
02 4861 7253

Coffee Culture
325-329 Bong Bong St
Bowral NSW 2576
02 4862 2400

The Royal Hotel
255 Bong Bong St
Bowral NSW 2576
02 4861 6686

Scottish Arms Hotel
69 Boardman Rd
Bowral NSW 2576
02 4861 4333

Moss Vale

Highlands Merchant
405 Argyle St
Moss Vale NSW 2577
02 4869 5746


The Courtyard Café Berrima
Shop 2-4/Lot 117 Old Hume Hwy
Berrima NSW 2577
02 4877 2729

Magpie Café
28 Old Hume Hwy
Berrima NSW 2577
0438 216 646

Surveyor General Inn
26 Old Hume Hwy
Berrima NSW 2577
02 4877 1226

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Wollondilly River Station
Wombeyan Caves Rd
Wombeyan Caves NSW 2580
02 4888 9207

Lloran Log Cabins
100 Yeola Rd
Robertson NSW 2577
02 4885 1376

Motel Melrose
31 Old Hume Hwy
Mittagong NSW 2575
02 4871 1511

Bendooley Estate
3020 Old Hume Hwy
Berrima NSW 2577
02 4877 2235

Bundanoon Lodge
10 Elmswood Ct
Bundanoon NSW 2578
02 4883 7813

Dog-Friendly Caravan Parks

Moss Vale Village Caravan Park
43/53 Willow Dr
Moss Vale NSW 2577
02 4868 1099

Mittagong Caravan Park
1 Old Hume Hwy
Mittagong NSW 2575
02 4871 1574

Hiking & Walking Trail Hazards

Hiking and Walking trails are fun for dogs and also great for relaxation, exploring, and watching the wildlife. Be courteous when meeting others on the paths. Keep your dog close and don’t let them interact without appropriate approval from the other party.

It’s also important to keep your dog close and on lead because of the potential dangers around. This includes your dog straying and getting lost, falling off rocky outcrops, or even encountering dangerous wildlife like snakes, kangaroos, and paralysis ticks.

Paralysis ticks are seasonal and you’ll encounter them in the warm wet months. They can cause fatal paralysis and therefore it is best that every dog is protected by one of the many excellent tick prevention products that are available. If you are not sure what to use – just give us a yell and we’ll help you out.

If you think they have been bitten by a snake then phone us immediately! We have anti-venom on hand.

In summary – the area is wonderful for pets and people and it’s best if you don’t let your dog out of your sight!

Walking & Hiking in the Local Bush

The bush walks and trails are the best bits of the Southern Highland for bouncing bowwows! Our dogs can enjoy a wonderful time running, playing, and even swimming in some areas like Meryla.

Another great activity is enjoying a pet and human picnic at lovely Lake Alexandra. Most dog off-leash areas in the Southern Highlands have poo bag dispensers and bins provided. It’s great to leave the area clean when we leave, so others can enjoy it after us. Please keep your dog on a lead when not at a designated off-lead exercise area and keep everyone safe and happy!

Wishing you happy days exploring our lovely surrounds!


We have 4 dangerous snakes in the Southern Highlands, RedBellied Black snakes, Brown snakes, Copper heads, and Tiger Snakes. They are more active in the warm to hot months. First signs of envenomation may include vomiting, looking lethargic, or just weak. Dogs can deteriorate very quickly if bitten and it’s better to play safe. If you see your dog playing with, or close to a snake, then bring them into the hospital to be checked out ASAP and DON’T try and kill the snake either; you are more likely to get bitten yourself!

Lastly, in hot weather don’t forget the pavement can get really hot, and walking on it for too long can burn your dog’s feet. As a good rule of thumb, if it’s too hot to keep your hand flat on the pavement for at least 3 seconds then it’s too hot for your dog to walk on for more than a few meters.

DON’T leave your dog in the car, especially during Summer! Enjoy the natural beauty of Bowral and the surrounding Southern Highlands. Have a great visit!

We love meeting new people and making new furry friends. If you ever have a problem while in the Southern Highlands or just want some friendly advice, please call 4872 1144, we’d love to talk to you. Whether it is forgotten medication or an emergency situation we are here to help you.