Looking After Your Pet

Welcome to the HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital TV. Learn more about pet diseases and education here!

Behind The Scenes

Want to know what happens behind the scenes when you bring your pet in to be desexed?

Here is a sneak peek (without any of the gory bits) on what happens here at HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital.

Dental Disease

Dental disease is the biggest killer of the modern cat or dog. Find out what you can do to prevent this from happening to your pet.

Pet Refusing to Eat

When should you start to worry if your pet refuses to eat?

The exact treatment in a change of appetite really depends on the underlying cause… Is your pet being fussy or can it be something more serious?

Lost Pet To Do List
Your Lost Pet To Do List
Lumps and Bumps

Make sure you watch this demonstration video on how to check your dog for lumps and bumps!

Not all lumps and bumps are nasty but some can be! Early detection is the key!

We’re offering FNA tests! This is a simple and painless test that can provide you with immediate results. 

If you find a lump of your furfriend, call us to take advantage of this offer and for peace of mind.

Pet Longevity

What the primary drivers to longevity in pets? There are two main ones… obesity and dental disease!

Cats and dogs that have their teeth cleaned once a year in general live longer and are healthier.

Check out the video and meet this 14-year old girl Shelby – and get a behind the scenes look and what we do here at HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital!

Pet Refuses to Eat

When should you start to worry if your pet refuses to eat?

In this video, Dr. Gelderman explains the reason why your pet might stop eating, and what you should do.

Getting Your Cat to the Vet

Do you struggle to get your cat to the vet? In this video, Dr. Gelderman explains how to make it easy for both you and your cat while also providing some great tips! 🐱

Wandering Jew

Find out more about Wandering Jew and how it affects your dog.

If your dog is suffering from skin allergies, then this common plant could be the culprit!

Also, keep an eye out for a special guest appearance from Ava, our clinic puppy 🐶

Our Physical Exams

What happens when you bring your dog in for a check-up?
In this video, learn the ‘whats’ and the ‘why’s’ on what you can expect when we run a comprehensive physical exam on your dog.

What You Shouldn't Feed
What foods should you NOT feed your pet?
Canine Dental Disease
Does your cat/dog suffer from this? 8 out 10 cats and dogs do!
Canine Tooth Extraction

This amazing tool makes teeth extraction a lot less painful and traumatic for your pet!

Beak Trim

Learn how to safely trim your budgies beak.

Feline Down Syndrome

Cats who are said to suffer from Feline Down Syndrome have wide-set and round eyes compared to the closer-set and slightly slanted eyes normally associated to felines, but can lead very normal lives.

Can you trust your pets together?
If you have pets living together in harmony, you still need to be aware that sometimes things can go wrong