Sensory Garden

Help your pet find their dog zen!

Satisfy the Senses

A sensory garden stimulates your dog’s senses. The five senses are Smell, Sight, Sound, Taste, and Touch.

Here are the specifics of what you’ll find at each of the NINE sensory garden ‘stations’.

The sensory garden has been specifically designed for clients to take their puppies and dogs through to explore prior to been dropped off for surgery or before their visit with us. The sensory garden stimulates all five senses in a way that is fun and engaging. The aim is to have calm and relaxed puppies and dogs before they enter the reception area of the Hospital.

Station 1:

Smell, Sight, and Touch

Station 2:
Water Fountain

Sight and Sound

Station 3:
Sand Pit

Smell, Sight, Sound, Taste, and Touch

Station 4:
Essential Oils Log No. 1

Smell, Sight, and Touch

Station 5:
Tennis Balls

Smell, Sight, and Touch

Station 6:
Sheep Wool Pipe

Smell, Sight, and Touch

Station 7:
Alpaca Wool Pipe

Smell, Sight, and Touch

Station 8:
Mixed Herbs And Bird Feeder

Smell, Sight, Touch, and Taste

Station 9:
Essential Oils Log No. 2

Smell, Sight, and Touch

Ever heard of a sensory garden for humans? Why not a sensory garden for dogs!

You can come and use your new sensory garden whenever you like. It’s there for you 24/7. AND… If your dog is nervous, shy, or even anxious when visiting the practice, then we definitely recommend that you show up about 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment and spend that time walking your dog through the sensory garden and letting him/her chill out. This fantastic new development for our canine comrades is also an easy (and perhaps unexpected) way to help keep their mental health in check.

As dog owners, we tend to focus more on the physical appearance and fitness of our furry friends. It’s easy to tell if your fur baby needs a good brush or to know if they are getting sufficient exercise each week. Yet we often overlook whether our darling dog’s mind is healthy and happy too! And here is where the sensory garden really comes into its own… A sensory garden is one of the best ways to ensure your precious pup is getting all of the mental and physical stimulation they need to live a happy, healthy life.

For those of you who may still be wondering what a sensory garden actually is, picture all of the senses that your dog has. Smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste. A sensory garden is a specifically designed space that stimulates and heightens all of these senses and helps to enrich your dog’s life. ‘A sensory garden allows your dog to use their brain’ – it is also the perfect place in which to relax, get calm, and just chill out.

By using the HVH sensory garden for your dog, you are giving one of the best possible gifts – and may indeed see an improvement in your best friend’s overall wellbeing. A sensory garden has multiple benefits for dogs when used BEFORE bringing your dog into the practice. It can be a relaxing place for your pooch to visit, which helps to lower their stress levels. It can also allow them to interact in the environment at their own pace.

A sensory garden allows your dog to use their brain, which is extremely beneficial. They can also gain confidence from having access to a sensory garden if it is designed to accommodate this curiosity. Not only are sensory gardens great for your dog, but they can be totally beautiful to look at and filled with an array of plants that are helpful to us humans too!