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Grow Cart

Learn more about our part in veterinary sustainability.

Our Grow Cart is for everyone

Helping the Southern Highlands Community

Like all those who care for the Environment, at Highlands Veterinary Hospital we are committed to veterinary sustainability, and we’ve recently made some changes at the clinic to reduce waste and recycle!

Out front, you may have noticed our new Grow Cart. A Grow Cart is a method by which the wider community can receive our produce for free. With no need for reciprocation or acknowledgment, you can take anything you want and contribute any excess produce you have (fruit, veg, herbs, eggs, chutney, etc) or recycling items.

The Grow Cart also has a seedling swap, curry leaves, lavender, mandarins, avocados, lemons, and worm tea from your hospital’s two worm farms. Worm tea is a natural liquid fertilizer made from soaking worm castings (worm manure) in water. It helps to boost plant growth and is helpful to use in your garden. We place all the practice’s compostable waste in the worm farm bin in our kitchen, which is then added to the two worm farms outside.

There is also a constant supply of shredded paper on the Grow Cart for you to use for your chickens, rabbits/guinea pigs, compost bin, or as packing material.

You don’t have to wait until the next time you have an appointment, you can stop in anytime during our business hours – you will find the cart out front so you can help yourself!

Our standing worm farm

Our garden worm farm