Case Studies: Meet our Patients

Welcome to the HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital TV. Learn more about some of our patients that have come to our hospital!

Wicket - Jaw Lock

This is Wicket, the Maltese puppy, who we discovered has jaw lock. What is jaw lock? It’s when two teeth are interlocking, thus preventing his jaw from growing properly. Watch the video and learn more!

Tankie’s Story

Some of you may remember Tankie the Golden Oldies rescue dog that was recently re-homed to a loving family.

This is Tankie’s story when he first came in to see us…

Following on from Tankie’s video we posted in Part 1, after 3 weeks of Chemo he is now ready for his BIG surgery! Watch the video here.

Jubilee - Lump Results

Jubilee the Boxer came in to see us with a nasty lump on her back leg that needed removing.

After running pre-op bloods before surgery we discovered she had kidney issues as well as pancreatitis. Watch the video as we take you through the results.

Buxton - Lower Canine

Meet Buxton, the beautiful 6-month old English Sheepdog

Buxton came in to see us because of his lower canines – he has a condition called base narrow canine, which means his lower canines were growing up into the inside of his mouth.

Watch the video and learn how a canine baby tooth and a ball will help fix this problem.

Griswald the Wombat

Griswald, as he is now lovingly known, was found in his mother’s pouch on the side of the road. Sadly his mother had been hit by a car and didn’t survive. Thank you to the wonderful family that stopped to check on mum, found this little guy, and brought him in to see us. If you see a dead or injured animal on the side of the road, don’t always assume that someone else has already checked the pouch. Please – if it is safe to stop – check! Griswald received a full check-up and is now resting and recovering with a WIRES carer.

Lucky - Cushing Disease

This is Lucky, who is a rescue dog brought in to see us from the fantastic group Golden Oldies Animal Rescue.

Lucky had horrible rotten teeth, and during a routine blood test, we discovered he has Cushing Disease.

Baxter - Heart Murmer

What do 15-year-old Baxter the cat and Fiona Coote have in common? Watch the video and learn more about cardiomyopathy.

Alfie - Overgrown Teeth

Alfie, the rabbit, came in to see us with overgrown teeth. Watch the video and learn what happened next!

Bella - Wrist Spurs

The beautiful Bella came in for her yearly vaccination, and upon doing a routine health check, Dr. Gelderman discovered that her wrists were not as flexible as they should normally be.

Rose the Horse
Did you know that horses can also get periodontal disease? Meet Rose and learn about her story…
Orlando - Eye Tumour

This is Orlando, who has a common eye problem called Meibomian tumour. Watch the video to learn more…

Lou Lou - Cesarean

Meet Lou Lou, who came in to see us this week for an emergency cesarean.

We are happy to say that she had three very happy, healthy, and beautiful puppies.

Ace - Lameness

This is Ace, who was brought into us because his owner noticed his lameness. Watch the video to learn more

Cooper - Mastocytoma
Meet Cooper, who has a very common cancer in Boxers called Mastocytoma.
Elizabeth - Toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis in cats is very rare, but we have seen 4 cases just recently.

In this video, learn what Toxoplasmosis is, how your cats can contract it, and what you need to do

Charlene - Birthing

Meet Charlene, who was brought in to us as she was having difficulty birthing her pups.

Beak Trim

Learn how to safely trim your budgies beak.

Feline Down Syndrome

Cats who are said to suffer from Feline Down Syndrome have wide-set and round eyes compared to the closer-set and slightly slanted eyes normally associated to felines, but can lead very normal lives.

George - Bumble Foot

Meet George, the rooster who was brought in to see us with bumblefoot.

Check out his progress with this unconventional treatment!