Pets Need Dental Care Too!

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Pet Dental Special – Free Radiographs with a Dental Exam!

Book your pet’s dental exam with us and you will receive free radiographs. Radiographs are dental X-rays that are similar to those taken in humans. An X-ray machine using small amounts of radiation is used to see the inside of your pet’s teeth and those areas below the gum line that are hidden from view. We can then see whether there are any sources of discomfort or sickness that might be causing issues in your pet. This is a great deal, as radiographs normally cost $65 to $265 (depending on the number of images taken). When booking your pet’s exam, just mention our ‘Pet Dental Special’ to get this discount.

A passion for dental health

At HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital we have a passion for helping pets maintain a healthy, pain-free mouth.

We treat your pet like family

We provide the highest standard of care to ensure your pet is safe and happy throughout the entire procedure.

Better quality of life

You wouldn’t be able to live a happy life if your teeth were never cared for, and neither can your pet. Dental care provides the biggest boost in the quality of life for most pets.

Your pet deserves the best oral care.

We provide the best possible standard of care using the highest-quality equipment and the safest practices to offer your pet a long, healthy life in our comprehensive examination. During your visit, your pet will receive a comprehensive oral health assessment. Additional treatments include:

  • We work both above and below the gum, a thorough dental cleaning. This cleans your pet’s teeth to help prevent significant problems.
  • Human-level anesthesia is used to perform dental cleaning on your pet. We can’t provide excellent care without anesthetics. Therefore we make it a point to employ the most up-to-date technology and extensive training. We have decades of expertise, allowing you to trust that your pet will be treated with the greatest attention possible.
  • We will take x-rays of your pet’s entire mouth to check for any significant problems. Pets often endure needlessly in silence, and with our complete mouth x-rays, we can see whether there are any sources of discomfort or sickness that might be causing issues in your pet.