I’ve always wanted to start an email with ‘Hola’ – and today it just felt like the right thing to say.

We’ve had lots of fantastic feedback on this ‘What To do With New My Puppy’ video series – and I hope that you’ve also enjoyed them, received great value from them and I also hope that they’ve made welcoming your pet into your family easier to do.

And that’s the real purpose behind these videos – to help ensure that your fur baby becomes an integral and loved member of your family.

The other purpose is a long, healthy, and happy life off on the right foot!

A life that is long, healthy, and happy starts with getting everything ‘right’ during puppyhood – right NOW.

I hope that we’ve been successful in helping you make that happen.

Today’s video is all about ‘What To Do With My 20 week-old Puppy’.

Remember; if, after watching the video, you need any more ‘in-depth’ information or if you have ANY questions at all – just holler. Ring, email, drop-in, contact us through Facebook or the website, and fire in with any questions you may have – we’re Here For You.

We’ll catch up again in six weeks when your pet is 6 months of age – see you then.


Dr. Diederik Gelderman

P.S If you have any friends, family members, colleagues, or acquaintances with a new puppy and who you think would enjoy this ‘What To Do With My Puppy’ video series, please feel free to forward this video to them.