It’s great to catch up again.

Here is your third ‘What To Do With My New Puppy’ educational video.

Today it’s specifically all about ‘What To Do With My 12 week-old Puppy’.

In case you happen to have missed the two previous ‘episodes’ (What to do with my 8-week old puppy & What to do with my 10-week old puppy) – let me just quickly go through what I mentioned in the last two emails….

You are heading into a very new and exciting relationship – one that will be so very rewarding over the next decade or decade and a half. A best ‘fur buddy’ is such an awesome and wonderful relationship.

But you need to start off on the right ‘paw.’ We understand that can be daunting indeed.

For most new puppy owners and even for those with lots of experience, knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it for your new puppy can be very confusing and complicated.

So – we’re going to make it super easy for you with a series of short videos – or, if you prefer – the video transcripts.

I know that you are going to love this series…

Over the next little while, you are going to receive a series of short messages that will keep you right on track with what to do and when – so that you know that you will be giving ‘pet name’ the very best of care, just like you want.

You can relax because we’re going to do all the heavy lifting for you. These video messages will help you know exactly what to do at each critical age point.

Join The Family: Enjoy The Freedom – we’ll make it all easy for you.

Each video is going to be brief, pertinent, and to the point.

Each video is going to focus on what to do NOW.

You are going to receive your next video when your pet is 16 weeks of age and then at 20 and 26 weeks of age and then at 9 and 12 months of age.

If, after watching the videos, you need any more ‘in-depth’ information or if you have ANY questions at all – just holler. Ring, email, drop-in, contact us through Facebook or the website, and fire in with any questions you may have – we’re here for you.

We’ll catch up again in four weeks – see you then.


Dr. Diederik Gelderman

P.S If you have any friends, family members, colleagues, or acquaintances with a new puppy and who you think would enjoy this ‘What To Do With My Puppy’ video series, please feel free to forward this video to them.