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Inside this month’s edition you can read about:

  • Is your pet feeling the cold? If you are feeling the cold, you can be sure that your pet is feeling it too! 
  • Save on desexing: Learn how you can save $100 in September when you desex your pet
  • Pet of the Month: Meet Gemma and Maggie, the Belgian Shepherds
  • Breeding for what: All about the Shar Pei
  • Dermatological Conditions in dogs: Have you noticed your dog shaking its head or scratching its ears?
  • Did you know that osteoarthritis pain is present in nearly 40% of cats?: Learn more in our newsletter
  • September Facebook Live: Join Diederik on 7th September at 12:30 – Senior pets, caring for your older pet.
  • Hero of the Month: Meet Lynx the 10-year-old cat who was the victim of a dog attack
  • Bravecto for cats: Buy one get one free


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