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The birds are singing, and nature is going through its renewal stage after the cold winter. We can look forward to longer days with warm breezes that will tickle your pet’s ears, causing them to race around acting goofy! But winter has not given up the fight, at least not yet. There are bound to be some surprising cold snaps thrown in just to let you know that winter has the power to chill pets to the bone so do not be taken off guard!

Many animals start to lose their winter coats, shedding their excess hair all over the place. Some dogs such as Labradors can lose handfuls of hair at a time. This can be frustrating for the homeowner, who seems to spend most of the spring season on the end of a vacuum cleaner. To overcome this problem, give your pet a regular, thorough grooming several times a week to help them to get rid of their excess hair – it will also help prevent hair balls in cats! Try out our awesome new Hydrobath for your dog. With warm water and a warm blow dry whats not to like?

Spring is a time of romance for many species of animals. It is a sad fact that many kittens and puppies are euthanised each year due to the insufficient numbers of available homes. Spring is a good time to think carefully and act now to de-sex your animals to avoid the heartache that comes from an abundance of youngsters having to be put down. The operation is quick, and your pet will recover from the operation in a day or two. Pets who have been neutered or spayed (desexed) prefer to stay at home rather than roam in search of a mate, where fighting or traffic injuries become a common concern from pet owners. Click here for more information.

Also in this months newsletter we talk about;

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