Welcome to Your September Newsletter.

Spring is a busy time for pets and owners!

Now is the ideal time to up the grooming and help your pet to shed it’s winter coat before you are overcome with tumbleweeds of pet hair rolling around your home. There is also an increase of worms, fleas, toads and ticks to contend with as they get more mobile. Even the mosquitoes are buzzing in the warmer air and they may be loaded with heartworm disease to spread to unwary animals.

Now is the perfect time for preventative pet health care. Don’t wait till your beloved pet gets hammered by these pests when a simple visit to our Hospital can take care of all these nasty parasites and save your pet from suffering. We can help you chose the right combination of care preparations that will keep your pet happy.

Spring is a time to enjoy, so implement your preventative care and then get on with enjoying the season.

Also in this newsletter we talk about;

  • Our new HVH App
  • Health Care Plans
  • The Importance to Treat & Prevent Fleas
  • Case Study – Bloat – Preventative Surgery
  • Interesting Vet News
  • Plus so much more….

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