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  • Beware of Fleas and Ticks!: They are active and they are coming for your cat and dog
  • There 
  • Hero of the Month: Read the story about this beautiful joey kangaroo who recently faced a tough situation
  • Facebook Live: ‘There is no good reason to desex your male dog’ – or is there? 4th October 12:30pm
  • 80% of Dogs Over 3 Years Have Dental Disease: Learn what you can do and view our special offer
  • The Cone of Shame: Does your pet really need one, and if so why?
  • When is Limping an Emergency? In most cases limping can wait untill the following day to be looked at, but do you know when it becomes an emergency? Read our list of pets with lameness symptoms and needing urgent care
  • Natural Therapies Expo: An event that brings together practitioners, experts, and enthusiasts of various natural therapies, and holistic approaches to health and wellness for both humans and pets (Mittagong RSL)
  • PLUS so much more…

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