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  • A Solution to Sound Sensitivity: While many dogs take noisy events in their stride, for others excessive noise such as thunderstorms, fireworks, traveling, noisy crowds, and many other similar events can leave them howling, cowering, shaking, trembling, and anxious.
  • White Cats: Interesting and important information for owners of white cats
  • Facebook Live: Parasite Patrol: A pet owners guide to prevention 1st November at 12:30pm
  • Bravecto Special Offer: Save money and keep your feline friends happy
  • Tips For Staying Safe When Walking Your Dog: Warmer weather is moving in, which means it’s the perfect time of year to start stomping the pavement with your four-legged friend! But don’t let hazards ruin a perfect day.
  • Hero Of The Month Meet Schnitzel the Dashound and an obsession for eating fabric
  • PLUS so much more…

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