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Inside this month’s edition you can read about;

  • 3 Ways Your Pet is Kept Safe Under Anaesthesia: Your pet’s safety is our number one priority!
  • October Pet of the Month: Meet the cheeky Ella and Marshall
  • Facebook LIVE: Heartworm! Signs, treatment, and prevention. Join us for this interactive Facebook live. Questions are encouraged!
  • Feline Wellness Month Special Offer: Learn how you can save 
  • Monthly trivia challenge: Were you this month’s winner?
  • Have you heard about Silent Carers? This month’s prize is valued at $150 PLUS all proceeds go to a great cause 
  • Alternative Therapies Part 1: Learn all about these new services we are now offering with Dr. Ruby Peterson
  • Hero of the Month: Jessie is a gorgeous 6-year-old Aussie Bulldog with a beautiful nature
  • PLUS so much more…

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