Without a doubt, there has been a boom in pet ownership as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While pets are a great comfort, the reason was more complex than that.

The opportunity to work from home meant many people could finally get a pet, as they would be at home to look after it. If you are a new (or existing) owner, do you have a question about your furbaby? Give us a call or bring them in for a visit. We looove pet cuddles and are here to help you over the new ownership stage.

November’s theme is about nutrition and diet for longevity and good health. A good diet full of vital nutrition builds happy, healthy pets that live longer and better lives. As your pet ages, their dietary requirements change. Perhaps now is a good time to take a look at your pet’s diet and evaluate that it is ticking the right boxes! For more information on nutrition and diet, please see the articles in this issue.

Also, read up on these topics:

  • Pet nutrition: nutrition and diet for longevity and good health.
  • Nutritional health for pets: essential tips worth knowing.
  • Save yourself time: with our new online forms!
  • How to calm your pet: our Sensory Garden works a treat.
  • The November Hero of the Month: Maggie triumphs over the odds.
  • Our recent Puppy School graduates: way to go, puppers!
  • November’s Adopt-a-Pet orphans: sweet kitties Ralph and Mabel.
  • Facebook LIVE talks: pet topics you don’t want to miss.


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