As life continues under strict supervision from Government & Health Authorities, people are coming up with some innovative ways to fill in their days during the lock down. Families are dragging out the long-forgotten board games and puzzles, dinner is returning to a family event, and pets are just loving all the extra time with their humans! Puppy school throughout the country has moved to an online service, with many new owners dialling in to learn how to train that energetic ball of fur that delights in chewing everything that they can get their teeth into! For puppies, it is school as usual albeit at home!

But now is also a time to remember the basics for animal welfare. Attention to dental health is vital, and for us at HIGHlands, it is business as usual. Pet dental health is important because if it is neglected, it can trigger off more serious health issues such as heart and kidney disease. Bacteria starts below the gumline that release toxins that damage the surrounding tissues. A dog with a severe bad breath is a sign of a dog with dental problems! If your dog has never had its teeth checked, now is a good time to book for an appointment. Our dental checks are FREE so contact us today to book your fur baby in!

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