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Inside this months edition you can read all about:

  • Gardens Can Be Fatal: March is National Pet Poison Prevention Month. Did you know that nearly 1 in every 10 calls to the Animal Poisons Helpline is about plant exposures?
  • Ground Breaking New Cancer Test for Dogs: We are excited that Highlands Veterinary Hospital is the first practice in Australia to have this important test available!
  • Lymph Nodes: Where are they and how do you check them?
  • Facebook Live: My pet has cancer – now what? Join Dr Gelderman for this interactive discussion 6th March at 12:30
  • Hero Of The Month: Burt, a Catahoula cross, was brought for emergency surgery due to a blockage in the intestines – he was in a sorry state from eating a corn cob he had found. Learn more and watch the video of the surgery
  • When Is My Pet Considered a Senior? As pet owners, it’s essential to understand the aging process of our animal companions.
  • PLUS so much more…