March is the beginning of autumn, a beautiful time of the year when the heat of summer starts to drop to more bearable temperatures. Cats and dogs especially love the fallen leaves that tumble around in the wind and make for a good chase, while some dogs love to launch themselves into a newly formed pile of leaves and explode out the other side. All it takes is a few minutes to rake all those leaves into a pile then let your dog loose! It will burn off that excess energy younger pets have and it’s easy to organise to provide an entertaining activity for your furry friends.  

Regardless of the season, remember to stick to your flea and tick prevention measures. It seems these persistent pests never have downtime. Pet owners must be vigilant regardless of the season. If you have an older pet who is starting to suffer from joint pain or arthritis, we recommend Osteo Advanced 300gm; it is a new supplement that produces awesome results. There are many copies of ‘similar’ products, but they don’t do as well. Come in and talk to us about the right way to use Oesto Advanced which will give you the best results. But remember many supplements take 4-6 weeks to become effective, so the sooner you start giving them their supplements, the sooner they will get relief in the colder weather. Prevention and early treatment are always best when it comes to pet health.

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