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March is often a time of slightly cooler weather which we will welcome after the summer that we have all endured. But as the seasons change, so too does our pet’s requirements. With calmer cooler evenings, the necessities of pet care can be often overlooked. Fleas and Ticks are still around even in wet weather, and owners need to maintain their cat or dogs preventative care. We all know how hard it is to get rid of the parasites once they get a hold on our fur baby! If you have shaved your pets over summer, allow the hair to grow back in anticipation of cooler weather. Check when your pet last had a health check and book one if it is due.

The bush fires have forced many of the surviving wildlife to move around to find new sources of food to replace that which the fires consumed. Sadly, that means they are encountering roads and vehicles more often. If you have rescued injured wildlife, or animals injured in the fires, bring them into our hospital to be treated at no charge to you. We will care for them and provide what they need, and then ensure that they can be released back into the wild at the right time and the right place. Animals and people deserve our compassion after the hard summer we have endured.

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Also in this months newsletter we talk about;

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  • Pet vaccinations
  • Adopt a pet
  • Fun facts and humor and so much more

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