Welcome to Your March Newsletter.

With the arrival of March, we can look forward to cooler weather although there will still be some hot days yet to try our patience.

What are some of the things we should be aware of with our pets? As the weather cools, you can take your dog for longer walks and build up their fitness for winter. Now that the festive season is past, your pet’s diet may need a revamp to provide enough nutrients to get them through the cooler months.

Now is a perfect time to give all their toys and their bedding a good wash and let them dry in the warm sun and fresh air. Autumn brings a whole new bunch of allergies from mold, grass and dust. In addition, parasites are still active so now is a great time to bring your fur baby into us for a pet health checkup. Our friendly clinic will be a fun outing for your pet, and they will get plenty of loving attention.

Make a booking for your pet for a teeth and health checkup. Prevention is always the best option for your beloved companion.

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