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Ever so slowly we are returning to normal life, or as they say on the news … the new normal.

People are coming out of their homes, children are getting back into school, and many businesses are slowly picking up the pieces and returning to trade. It seems as if social distancing is here to stay, as is frequently washing of one’s hands and resisting touching your face!

It has been a challenging time, but we look forward to getting back to life as we used to know it. Pets will have to get used to their people going back out to work. For the last few months, many pets have enjoyed having their family home and they have relished being the focus of the family. Games and cuddles have been abundant, but now they will have to readapt to being home alone while the family members finally get to go out to school or work.

Help your pet adjust by giving them a walk early in the morning and then leaving them with a treat packed toy such as a Kong to keep them busy. Perhaps a little soft music to break the deafening silence or arranging a relative or a friend who works from home to call in and check on them. This is especially important for those new furry friends who just joined the family during the Corona Virus pandemic.

Going from a hectic, noisy household to an empty home will be quite a shock. Animals can get unsettled when their routine changes so keep them in mind when you are readying the household for life after the pandemic. Ensure you leave them plenty to play with, a soft bed to sleep in and a few strategically placed treats to help fill their day until you return home to give them reassurance and the love that they crave.

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