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This newsletter starts a new era in pet care for HIGHlands where our goal is to keep you updated on information that is vital to you and your pet. Each month we will bring you news of new innovations in treatment, preventative measures in healthcare, and fun things that you can do to make your pet’s life more meaningful and enjoyable. We aim to provide useful information, medical advances, and provide a friendly road to pet health that suits your pet and your budget.

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From the Friendly team at HIGHLANDS Veterinary Hospital.


Starting from the 1st June, the team will be changing as a new owner takes control. We welcome Diederik Gelderman who will lead the existing professional team into a new era in service. Change is upsetting to some but enervating to others. Some exciting new things are happening so watch this space!


Don’t worry, the team will remain the same, familiar faces. Even Kevin is staying on to manage the country client portfolio. Together we will lead some innovative new services designed to enhance your pet care health. With new developments in pet care happening almost on a daily basis, we aim to keep you informed and up to date.


New research in the field of pet health has found that incisive procedures for kidney stones are no longer necessary. Instead, the laser is quicker, more effective and less stress for your pet. There are many more developments such as this which we will bring to you soon. Our aim is to extend a helping hand when your pet has health problems.


Don’t think now that summer is gone that the fleas will be too. No such luck, as winter provides a wonderful environment for fleas to flourish due to that wonderful invention – home heating. Fleas breed at an alarming rate and are easier to prevent than eliminate. From spot on treatments, to flea-shampoo, rinses and spray, our preferred treatments using Bravecto for dogs and Revolution for cats are pet friendly and flea deadly that will help you to cope with this most irritating, downright annoying pest. Talk to our veterinary and nursing team who are fully trained in this area to assist you to choose the right treatment for your pet.

Monthly Feature
Huge developments have been made within the pet industry. New procedures have taken the place of older methodology which results in faster healing times, less reactions to medications, and allows for your pet to return home within a matter of hours. We will follow a case study each month and bring you the latest updates on pet health as it happens. Starting next month, our case studies will cover a wide range of animals and chart their progress.

A duck, a skunk and a deer went out for dinner at a restaurant one night. When it came time to pay, the skunk didn’t have a scent, the deer didn’t have a buck, so they put the meal on the duck’s bill.

Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs, as it contains a chemical substance called theobromine which is toxic in large doses. It depends on the type of chocolate (darker is more potent) and the amount ingested, but if your dog is showing signs of stress and hyperactivity, panting, and alarming behavior, call us immediately! Chocolate and dogs don’t mix.

While the modern world has changed with the advent of modern technology, the human desire for companionship remains the same. This is where pets are valuable to those who are housebound, on their own or just want the pleasure of an animal’s company. Animals do not judge, they don’t complain, and they accept us just as we are. They are our safe port in the storm of life. Be as amazing as your pet thinks you are.

Diederik Gelderman has a wealth of experience as well as modern skills in pet medicine and surgery. He is fully conversant with all pet health care from dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and of course – pocket pets such as lizards and some of the more exotic types. If you have a pet problem, Diederik has the time and passion to discuss the options available, and he provides timely advice tailored to your pet and your circumstances. If you are passing come in and meet Diederik, or he welcomes phone & email enquiries.

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