feb 2022 cover

Welcome to this month’s newsletter.

Inside this month’s edition you can read about;

    • Breakthrough Treatment for Pesky Parasites: Australia is the first country worldwide to gain approval for using Bravecto Quantum (BQ), setting a new standard in canine healthcare.
    • Facebook Live: Sound Advice: Tackling ear problems in our fury friends
    • Snap and WIN: Announcing the winners of our recent competition, were you one of the lucky ones?
    • How to Introduce a New Pet: When it comes to introducing a new pet to your existing furry family members, a thoughtful approach is key
    • Helping Paws: HVH’s new initiative designed to provide financial assistance to pet owners
    • Hero Of The Month: Meet Rusty, the 14 week old puppy with a very rare disease
    • Travelling with Pets: It takes a bit of planning when your pet is coming on a trip with you. Safety is important!
    • PLUS so much more…