We wouldn’t do this job if we didn’t love animals, and we know the bond you have with your pet only strengthens as they grow older.

To reassure you that your pet will avoid common age-related problems, HIGHLANDS Veterinary Hospital is providing a FREE Senior Health Check in the month of November.

This free check will include:

  • Physical Exam – A check of your pet’s physical condition, including weight, body condition, eyes, ears, heart, and lung function.
  • Arthritis Check – many new strategies and products are now available to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.
  • Dental Check – Poor dental health can contribute to bad breath, loss of appetite, heart and kidney disease, as well as being very uncomfortable for your pet.

Spaces are limited, so phone us NOW  at (02) 4872 1144 for an appointment.

HIGHLANDS – Join The Family: Enjoy The Freedom.