Fireworks and Fear: Tips to Help Your Pets Cope

Across Australia, there are many celebrations that may involve fireworks. Unfortunately, many animals are terrified by firework displays, and these can indirectly pose risks to animal safety by causing them to take flight and try to escape the loud noises.

Typical reactions of frightened pets

Pets don’t understand the sudden bangs and explosions all around them. Dogs and horses in particular often try to run away when frightened by loud noises and may injure themselves. Many of these animals can end up several kilometres from home.

Dogs have been known to jump through plate glass windows to escape loud noises, and easily jump over, or dig their way under fences that would normally contain them.

What can I do to make my pet feel safe?

Plan ahead and provide your pets with a safe, quiet area in your home – a place where they can feel in control. Walk your dog during the daylight hours to avoid the evening fireworks.

Provide some fun things to do so your pets won’t be alone: treats, a play, a movie, or just some cuddle time. Talk to us about whether relaxing pheromones may be helpful to your pet.

Don’t add to your pet’s stress by over-reacting yourself. Be there for them, but don’t try and make them come and be with you. If they want to hide under the bed or pillows, let them. They will come out when they are ready.

And remember to microchip your cats or dogs in case they bolt and escape!

If you aren’t sure if your pet is microchipped or would like to get your pet microchipped so they can be safely returned to you in an emergency, contact our team for an appointment.