Welcome to February’s newsletter and welcome to 2023!

Inside this month’s edition, you can read about;

  • 10 Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool in the Heat: With summer temps peaking, it is important to protect your pets from the blazing heat. Here are a few tips to help them thrive and survive.
  • Pongo The Fluffball: Pongo is our Hero of the month! Read all about this beautiful kitten who was at deaths door
  • Welcome Olivia! Meet our newest team member
  • Upcoming Facebook Live: Eyes! Dr Gelderman will cover how to diagnose, treat and care for common eye conditions
  • Australia Day Photo Contest: Are you one of our lucky winners?
  • Issues With Senior Pets: As our beloved pets age they can sometimes develop behaviour problems, this is often due to the aging changes that take place in their body and minds.
  • Winner of our Silent Carers Raffle: Were you the lucky winner?
  • PLUS so much more…

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