Getting the snip: Many pet owners agonise over whether they should get their pets desexed. Unless your pet is for the purpose of breeding, desexing is the right thing to do in this overcrowded pet population. There are also many very good reasons for having your pet desexed, all health and behaviour-related.

Facebook Live talks: Join Dr. Diederik explains the process and expounds on the benefits of desexing your pet: from population control to better health and eliminating problem behaviors. Your questions are encouraged!

• Get it while it’s hot: Take advantage of our doggie day spa – our special is still going…. get a FREE dog wash token with the purchase of 5 tokens.

Our Feb ‘Hero of the Month’: A couple of weeks ago, a little kitten and his siblings were surrendered. One of them, Parkie, was not enjoying the growth and development that his other siblings were.

February’s ‘Adopt-A-Pet’ Orphan: the stunning Stella!

Referral Rewards 2022: earn huge rewards for referrals!

Competition Winners: of our Australia Day Pet Photo contest – were you a winner?

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