We all know that Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers, and who loves you more than your pet! Even if you do not have a special human yet to spoil on the day, your pet pal can be your Valentine. Why not take your dog out for a run along a bush track stopping on the way back for a coffee for you and a Puppuccino for your pooch? Too far from a bush track? Then perhaps explore a new pet park or beach. Spoil your cat with a new toy – especially a treat-dispensing one. Curl up and watch a soppy movie with your mutt, kitty cat, or other species pet. 

Time spent with your animal friend is always special. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day but first read our special warnings on page two about saving them from their inquisitive selves.

February is a lovely month with long sunny days, time at the pool, and weekend outings. There are plenty of dog-friendly beaches, parks, wineries (always a relaxing choice – but use a chauffeur to get you there and back), not to mention dog-friendly tours or events. While kitty may not be as good a traveler as your dog, you can treat them at home with a family BBQ, a new game, or even train them to enjoy an outing on a leash. Pets love being surprised when you come home with some new treats or a special new toy. But most of all, they just love being with you no matter what you are doing! So, make the most of the last month of summer.

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Regards Dr Diederik Gelderman and the Highlands Veterinary Hospital team.

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