Are you like me and wondering ‘Where did January go?’ It only seems like yesterday that it was the beginning of a new decade, and now we are one month down and dusted. Talking of dust, summer keeps on coming with soaring temperatures and dust clouds becoming a part of life.

Remember pets need a refuge from the heat as do our native wildlife. A ready supply of water and a shaded place to rest would be much appreciated. A big thank you to all the heroes/heroines who are still fighting on the fire frontlines, and to those who have provided care for our wildlife and people. The stories we have been hearing are so inspiring, as is the knowledge that this too shall pass. Thanks to all those who have donated time, money and resources to those animals and people in dire need.

We are having spectacular storms during this summer. Some pets are afraid of thunder and lightning, so keep them safe inside during a storm. Let them cuddle up to you and keep calm as pets mimic our behavior. Soft music may help to distract your pet, or a deep soft pet bed will let them burrow down and feel safe. Distract with a food dispensing puzzle toy, draw the blinds so they don’t see the lightning flashes, and most of all … give them your time and attention. Some pets are so distraught with storms that you may need medication to keep them calm. Call us or book online for a visit as we can offer a solution for your pet. Be prepared for storms and help your pet to accept that big growling dog in the sky with its fierce flashing eyes!

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