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  • Ways to manage OA (Osteoarthritis) in your pet: OA is a degenerative disease that can affect animals regardless of age, size, or breed.
  • Hero of the month: Meet Missy Moo, who presented with Pyometra, a painful (and often fatal) bacterial infection in the uterus.
  • Facebook Live: OUCH! That hurts: Protecting your pet from OA
  • Ways to avoid a dog bite: Nobody wants to deal with their beloved pet being hurt, so knowing how to prevent and respond to a dog bite should be an essential part of every dog owner’s knowledge
  • Why do cats purr? Many of us think that cats purr when they are happy, but there are other reasons as well
  • Anxiety in dogs: It is essential to recognise the signs and understand the various causes behind it
  • PLUS, so much more…

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