With only one month left of winter, we can look forward to enjoying the milder spring. Covid-19 is still making its presence felt, and the reminder to continue social distancing, the hand sanitising, and wearing of masks is important in this pandemic era. The first six months of this year have been a challenge to say the least. It helps to keep a positive attitude, keep up with news re the virus, and to support family, pets, and friends during these testing times.

Winter tips for happy pets.

It is tempting to stay indoors on a cold day, snuggled beneath a warm blanket with your fur baby. But cats and dogs still need to exercise as it helps to avoid boredom. Indoor play with a soft ball or running up and down the stairs or hallway will help to keep the blood moving. Braving the cold to take your dog for a walk will be worth the effort, as both of you will feel better for the exercise. Cats will enjoy a feather flicking toy to chase, and they will enjoy attacking a ball that you throw for them. An active pet is a healthy pet.

Word of Caution.

Animals are notorious for sitting too close to heaters, so be wary of this and protect them from themselves. Pet heating pads and disks are a safe alternative that can be placed on their beds or favourite chair. These heated pads are perfect for the older pet as they will be feeling the winter chill. So, snuggle up and stay warm together this winter, there is nothing like lots of cuddles to keep the winter blues at bay!

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