Are you starting to feel the chill in the mornings? It does bring with it a bit of relief from the searing temperatures of summer.

This is a great time to get out with your furry friend early in the morning and let them wear a bit of their energy off before the day’s commitments set in. Walking in the morning is a perfect time to plan your day if you didn’t do it the night before, and to get clear about your priorities for the day. Not only that but walking in the pleasant temperatures and taking in the early morning views around your area while you and your pet get some essential exercise is what we all need to stay healthy regardless of our age.

Young pets need a lot of exercise and activity, and while it is hard to imagine that the boisterous puppy that eats your shoes or the kitten that does zoomies around the house at midnight will ever be calm and sedate, they will slow down eventually. When they are young, they are always asking to walk, play or eat! But as they mature, their activity levels will level out, so walking at a rapid pace will not last forever. Rather than grumble about walking the dog/cat, enjoy it while it lasts. Your pet helps you to stay young, they have a let’s do it now attitude, and are a bundle of fun to live with … as long as they get plenty of exercise during the day to burn off that never-ending source of energy!

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