April is a lovely time of year; the temperatures are cooler, and the weather seems more settled. As you are all aware, the Coronavirus or Covid-19 as we have come to know it, is causing all sorts of problems within our communities. We want to let you know that HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital is classified as an ‘essential service’ which means yes, we will be here for you and your pets during this current crisis.

Also note that we are offering house calls if you cannot come to the hospital, we have the facilities to help you via telemedicine or telephone where required. If you are sick and have no other alternative but to bring your pet in, please ring ahead of your visit and notify us so we can take the appropriate precautions. While it is a testing time, we will get through this and if we all pull together this crisis too shall pass. It is so inspiring to see community members coming together to help one another!

For more information about our services please check our Facebook page here for more information. To dispel any rumours re pets and Covid-19 we advise you watch Dr Diederik’s Video on the Coronavirus for information about animals and the virus. Human Covid-19 and the Dog Corona are two different viruses. If you are tested Covid-19 positive, wear a mask at home as you self-isolate, restrict your contact with all family members including your pets. Drink plenty of water and do everything the medical people advise you to do. Again, this too shall pass. Keep safe, use common sense and let’s all work to overcome this crisis – it can be done!

Also in this months newsletter we talk about;

  • Covid-19 Stay safe everyone – we have a few tips throughout.
  • Value Plans for pets
  • Case study- Roxy & Rat Poison
  • Coping with the lockdown
  • Heart Disease
  • Fun facts and humor
  • Adopt a pet

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