Pet Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine can be helpful in treating body imbalances and underlying disease processes. Chinese herbs are often combined with acupuncture treatments, food therapies, and lifestyle changes, or used as a single modality, to provide the best outcome for your pet. A truly holistic approach to healing.

For animals, herbal medicine may help in the treatment of arthritis, pain/trauma, digestive problems, heart problems, kidney problems, and to control the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Chinese herbal formulas come in a variety of forms including raw herbs, powdered herbs, liquids, capsules, and teapills. Teapills, small pea-sized pills with a tough outer coating, are most often used for small animals, along with capsules and liquids, due to their ease of administration. Fortunately, most formulas come in a variety of forms so many options exist to accommodate both owner and pet.

Chinese herbal medicines are tolerated well by most pets. They can have fewer side effects than conventional pharmaceutical treatments, and changes in doses or prescriptions may be recommended over time. The length of herbal treatment can vary, depending on whether your pet has an acute or chronic condition.