Pet Food Therapy

Food Therapy provides a simple way to improve your pet’s health. The basic idea is to make a recipe for the pet’s food to correct an imbalance or to keep a healthy pet healthy.

Food Therapy recipes will mimic the actions of a herbal formula that would be prescribed for the imbalance if the animal is ill, and if healthy, feed the pet’s constitutional element. Each element has factors that support it and other factors that weaken it.

Simple food changes balance the subtle energies in your pet’s body, bringing about substantial health improvements.

The truth is:


According to the World Health Organization, 60% of chronic disease is a consequence of industrialisation: processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle.


Similarly, the consequences of industrialisation affect animals by initiating chronic disease in pets.


Simple changes in diet and food alleviate many chronic pet health conditions.

Food therapy includes diet management plans for obesity, cancer, and skin diseases.

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