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Inside this month’s edition you can read all about:

  • Pet Friendly places in the Southern Highlands: Walks, dog park and eateries. Find out the best places to take your dogs out
  • Facebook Live: Poison Patrol! Safeguard your pets from potential hazards. Identifying the dangers, recognising symptoms and implimenting immediate measures for treatment
  • Hero Of The Month Despite her charming demeanor, Jemma faced a challenging ordeal recently which required the removal of her eye
  • Winter Grooming Tips: As a pet ages, they too like humans feel the cold. Here are a few reminders that will help you make your pets life a pleasure
  • Arthritis – New Solutions to an Age Old Problem: Whilst arthritis can not be cured, there are ways to help your pet cope
  • Helping Paws Raffle: You could win this amazing pet hamper and at the same time help someone in need
  • Plus So Much More….