feb 2022 cover

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Inside this month’s edition you can read all about:

  • Caring For Your Older Cat: As you cat approaches their later years, you should be on the alert for any changes in their normal behaviour or daily habits
  • Does Does My Dog Eat Cat Poo? One habit you dog may will drive you insane… why does your cute, adorable (well feed!) dog persist in eating your cat’s poo
  • Facebook Live: Ask The Vet Anything – Dr Diederik Gelderman will answer any questions you may have about the health of your pet
  • Hero Of The Month: Bundy came in to see us as he wasn’t eating and was acting out of character…
  • Helping Paws Raffle: You could win this amazing pet hamper and at the same time help someone in need
  • Tips For Looking After Your Senior Cat: Tips to make your older cat more comfortable during these colder months
  • Train The Brain: Interactive dog feeders and puzzles to train your dogs brain